Mississinawa Valley

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Notes from the Principal

Notes from the Principal

Our students, staff, and families are "SOARing Above The Line" this year!  What does that mean?  We believe that:
                              S afety first
                              O wning your problems
                              A cting responsibly
                              R especting yourself and others
are expectations that are positive and lead to an enjoyable school culture.  These are expected behaviors in the classroom, on the bus, in the lunchroom, during an assembly, and more.  Students who demonstrate these behaviors are rewarded with Blackhawk Bucks and may have their name drawn for prizes.
Check out this video to learn more about our 4 building expectations.
We hope you will find our webpage informational however, we always know there is room for improvement.  If there is something you think would be helpful for us to post, please let us know!   Follow us on Facebook!  We have a Twitter presence as well!

 Please contact us to learn how you can be part of the action at MVES!  
Mrs. Stephanie Klingshirn 

New Attendance Law: Fast Facts for Families

State Testing Schedule 2017-2018

Elementary Schedule

April 17 – 18……3rd ELA, 4th ELA

April 19 – 20……5th ELA, 6th ELA

April 24 – 25…...3rd Math, 4th Math

April 26 – 27……5th Math, 6th Math

May 1 – 2……….5th Science