Mississinawa Valley

School District

Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)

WHOareWatch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)?
Watch D.O.G.S.are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father figures who volunteer at our school.

WHAT do Watch D.O.G.S do?
During the day,Watch D.O.G.S.might read and work on flash cards with students, play at recess, eat lunch with students, watch the school entrance and hallways, assist with traffic flow getting off and on buses, mentor students, and any other assigned activities where they actively engage with not only their own students, but other students as well. A full explanation of the duties is linked to this webpage.

WHEN can I volunteer?  
You can volunteer to sign up for any available day during the school year.

WHY should I consider being a WATCH D.O.G.S member? 
Why not?  The school needs your volunteer time, your child(ren) will enjoy having you at our school and many children will benefit from your presence.

How do I sign up?
Access the registration form.
Complete and email form tostephanie_klingshrin@darke.k12.oh.us
Contact Mrs. Klingshirn to sign up.  (There is a calendar posted on the wall outside of the cafetorium if you wish to see available dates prior to contacting Mrs. Klingshirn.)

From Fathers.com (January 2010)

Consider these two results, which may seem contradictory: First, a vast majority of mothers (93%) agree thatthere is a fathering crisis in America, implying that fathers are very important to their children's well-being and that many fathers are absent. However, a majority of moms also agree thatfathers are replaceableby moms (55%) or other men (66%).Read more from the surveyconducted by researchers at the University of Texas and produced by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

To Think About ...

It's common for a man to define himself by his career. When two men meet, one of the first questions is,What do you do?If you're like many men, your job is where you see yourself "making a mark." But in reality, you arereplaceablein that role. If you leave that position, people might miss you and wish you were coming back, but life will go on without you.

However, there's one role in which you areirreplaceable-- as a father. A mother or someone else can compensate and fill in if a father is not there or is not living out his calling, but it’s never the same. You are important, and you have great power in the lives of your family members. Your words and actions that show support and encouragement can make their day -- just like your criticism or withdrawal can ruin their day. Dads make unique contributions to the lives of their children.

Embrace that truth as an opportunity and a mandate. Fatherhood is the one role in which you’re never going to be laid off, terminated, canned, or shelved. Even if you are in a complex situation where it's tough to feel like you have a role at all, or if others are putting obstacles in your path as a father, please take heart -- you still hold a special place in your children's lives.You can learn a lot from what Mama says, but what matters more is what your children say. And, as we've seen through our research and more than a million essays, children want their daddies; you are a critical part of their lives.