Mississinawa Valley Schools is CLOSED through Sunday, April 5, 2020.  Students should continue to work on eDay lessons or "blizzard bags".
The Alumni Banquet for this year has been canceled. 

Mississinawa Valley

School District

Kindergarten Readiness

Entering Kindergarten Expectations


  1. One to one counting to 15

  2. Rote count to 20

  3. Identify numbers to 10

  4. Identify a set to 5

  5. Identify Flat Shapes

Phonemic Awareness:

  1. Hear a Rhyme

  2. Clapping parts of words

  3. ID Letters 20 uppercase/10 lowercase

  4. Produce 10 letter sounds


  1. Letter features (big lines, little lines, big curves, little curves)

  2. Draw a person (features of a person)

  3. Appropriate colors while drawing a scene (grass/green, sky/blue)

  4. Draw using 3-4 colors

  5. Confidently write first and last name

  6. Write numbers

Social & Emotional:

  1. Attend to a story

  2. Raise hand to speak/don’t shout out answers

  3. Turn taking

  4. Taking self pride in work

  5. Stay persistent with the task

  6. Following simple directions (2-3 step directions)

  7. Asking questions for clarification

  8. Speak with appropriate volume