Mississinawa Valley

School District

New Student Enrollment

Welcome to Mississinawa!

New to the district?

Your new student enrollment starts here!  We will assist you through the process as needed.  Please contact Roxanne Stocksdale for asssistance if you have any questions or concerns.
Navigate to:  https://mississinawaoneview.esvportal.com and create a new parent account.  Then click on 'Enroll New Student(s)' to begin your new student enrollment application.
Your application will be submitted to the district when you save it.  An email confirmation will be sent to you.  A district representative will review your application and contact you regarding the status of your application and instructions for next steps.
While you are waiting, you may begin to assemble documents we will need to complete your enrollment.  Specifically, we will want:
  •  Original birth certificate
  • Proof of Residency (that is, proof that you live inside the boundaries of the Mississinawa School District.  This generally can be a utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, or something similar.  If you have questions about what qualifies please contact the school district).
  • Parent/Guardian driver's license/identification proof
  • Custody papers, if applicable
  • Special Education paperwork, if applicable

(There may be additional items we ask for also, depending on your child's specific circumstances).