Mississinawa Valley Schools is CLOSED through Sunday, April 5, 2020.  Students should continue to work on eDay lessons or "blizzard bags".
The Alumni Banquet for this year has been canceled. 

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Beginning Preschool Expectations (4-5 Year Old Room)

Beginning Preschool Expectations

(4-5 year old room)


  1. Rote and object count to 10

  2. Identify 8 colors

  3. Identify at least 1 number

  4. Identify 4 shapes (circle, star, heart, diamond)

  5. Sort by one attribute

  6. Pattern AB


  1. Recognize name in print

  2. Identify letters in first name (5-10 uppercase/a few lowercase)

Fine Motor

  1. Writes first letter in name

  2. Produces basic lines & symbols (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular and crossing lines)

  3. Colors most of a picture

  4. Writes numbers 0-3

  5. Cut on a line

  6. Use correct finger placement and grasp on scissors when cutting


  1. Separates from caregiver with minimal stress

  2. Follows 1-2 step directions

  3. Asks for help

  4. Stays with the group

  5. Listens to adult directions with a reminder

Self Help

  1. Manage clothing independently

  2. Stays with a task for 3-5 minutes

  3. Uses supplies or plays with toys appropriately (not mouthing or aggressive with them)