Mississinawa Valley

School District


What is SPARK?

The SPARK kindergarten readiness program works with children, families, schools, and the community to ensure that children are ready for school and schools are ready for families. SPARK is a family-focused intervention program designed to prepare children for kindergarten by helping families help their children succeed in school.The program is based on a home visitation model. Trained home visitors called parent partners conduct prescribed lessons, based on Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards, with preschool-age children and their parents. They educate parents on how to get children ready for kindergarten, evaluate children’s skill levels, and enhance parents’ abilities to be their child’s first and most important teacher.

Want to Know More?

Contact MV's Parent Partner Marla Threewits 765.960.0014

Or visit  http://www.ecresourcecenter.org/spark-ohio