Mississinawa Valley

School District

Vision, Mission, & Goals

Vision, Mission, & Goals

Mississinawa Valley School District is an innovative and passionate community of learners where excellence and leadership create an inviting and engaging student and family experience.
Pride is being a Blackhawk!

Our mission is to ensure that our students receive the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to achieve their highest potential.

WE BELIEVE that upon graduation, our students successfully compete with graduates from across the country.
WE BELIEVE in a safe and secure learning environment.
WE BELIEVE our school district maintains and enhances the agricultural culture of the community.
WE BELIEVE in expecting our students to become better citizens of the community, country and world.
WE BELIEVE that students, staff and community members are active and passionate lifelong learners.
WE BELIEVE in high expectations for all students, staff and parents.
WE BELIEVE Mississinawa Valley is an excellent district and that our students are proud of themselves and the schools.
WE BELIEVE extra-curricular activities both within and outside of the schools build character.
WE BELIEVE in sound financial decisions.
WE BELIEVE that trust is critical and that open communication with our community accomplishes trust.
WE BELIEVE that all students will learn given equal access to diverse educational opportunities and instructional practices.

Strategic Priorities

Human Resources - To attract, retain and evaluate high quality personnel
        Putting the right people in the right places
        Quality teachers
        Partnership with Union
        Performance Evaluations

Discipline - To maintain a safe, orderly, and inviting in  which everyone is respected
        Build an "I can!" attitude
        Orderly environment
        Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
        Guidance services
        Family involvement

Communications - Build confidence and trust both internally and externally
        Build an "I can!" attitude
        Building and Grounds upkeep
        Improved perspective about schools
        Family involvement
        Orderly environment
        Acceptance of change
        Support for funding

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - To provide an aligned curriculum, develop high quality instruction and assess progress towards mastery of State Standards
        Initiatives:  Pre-school/Grant opportunities
        Teaching practices: Professional development/collaboration
        Students:  An "I can!" attitude/family involvement
        Enrollment:  Trends/open enrollment
        Results:  Test scores and other assessment processes

Created June 13, 2008
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