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                                                                                     MISSISSINAWA VALLEY LOCAL SCHOOLS

Guidance Department

10480 Staudt Rd. – Union City, OH  45390


   Phone (937) 968-4464                            

  Fax (937) 968-3434

Grade Book Parent Access is now available for you to check your child(ren)s grades.  If you already have an account set up from last year or before, you will login with the same username and password.  If you forgot your login information, there is a "Forgot my username or password" prompt that you will use to have the information sent to your email.

If you are new to the district or have not yet set up your Parent Account  . . .

Do you have an interest to check your child's progress throughout the school year?  Do you have access to the internet?  If you do you may be interested in getting a Progress Book Parent Account set up.  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Get your child's or children's Registration Key(s) from Roxanne Stocksdale (899-0235) in the guidance office.
  2. From the school's website (http://www.mississinawa.k12.oh.us) . . . . PARENTS>Parent Portal>Progress Book
  3. Click on Sign Up to get your account set up.  Just follow the prompts.

You will create your own username and password. 

You will be asked for an email address.  Make sure you remember what you use because if you ever forget your username or password the information will be sent to that email.

You will be able to add any other children using their Registration Keys.

For students in grades K-2, there will not be much to view because they have a different type grading system.

There is no need to share your information with your child(AND PLEASE DO NOT SHARE).  Each student has their own Registration Key and can set up their own account!  Parents have different security than students and sometimes students change the password of their parents' account so that the parent cannot login.  As well, parents can put all of their children on one account so that they only have one login (students cannot do this).  If a parent allows their student to have the login to the Parent Account, the student will be able to see their brothers and sisters grades too.

Roxanne Stocksdale,

PB Suite Administrator

[email protected]

937-899-0235 (direct line)

937-968-3434 fax