Wellness Policy
The Local Wellness Policy will be reviewed at the Board meeting on Monday February 8 starting at 7:00 PM.
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Instant Connect Instructions
Instant Connect
Follow these instructions to add numbers to the Instant Connect call system for the first time:
1. Select the “Instant Connect” link located at the left side of the Mississinawa Valley Local Schools website.
2. Select “Register New User”
3. Fill in “Home Telephone” using your main contact number you provided to the school. Do not use any spaces or dashes.
4. Fill in the “Password” and “Confirm”
5. Click “Register”
6. This will give you access to the Portal Edit screen where you can add and or edit telephone numbers in the green section. At this present time, we are only able to utilize the voice calls. If you select text messages, you will not receive any.
7. Entering an email is necessary if you need to have your password reset in the future.
8. Once you are finished, click “apply”.
For those that do not have internet access, then we can add number for them.
Everybody is somebody at MV schools.
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